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VSDC Free Video Editor Can Make Videos Shine

We?re often suspicious of free software especially if it makes grand claims. Some software like VSDC Free Video Editor even lets you use it for free without any trial period or payment of any kind. The dedicated developers of this program made it free to encourage feedback and improvement. This powerful video editor can do a lot rivalling many paid applications. This could change how you make your videos.

Frame by Frame Control

VSDC Free Video Editor has a ton of features. To start you off you can apply filters to your videos and other visual effects. These are not limited to the typical sepia tone overlay but are divided into libraries such as colour correction object transformation object filters transition effects and special FX. You can play with your timeline swapping and changing scenes or apply one-click filters to save time. Everything is designed with smooth editing in mind. Thanks to very wide format support and video capturing this simple free program goes a long way towards rivalling the big video editing packages.

Professional Quality No Cost

There?s very little to say on the negative side of VSDC Free Video Editor except perhaps that it?s lacking certain high-end features seen in paid software. This really is to be expected though and you get a ton of tools for nothing here without even being pressured to pay for a full version.

VSDC Free Video Editor is efficient like pro software but easy to use. Free splitting, merging, cutting and many more.

Making a topnotch video file usually requires certain skills and knowledge, except for very basic operations. But does this really have to be so all the way? No! VSDC Free Video Editor combines three F’s that rarely meet in one tool: this video editing program is Free, Functional and Friendly.

With VSDC Free Video Editor you can feel yourself Spielberg or Nolan without spending hundreds of hours on mastering a video editing tool. In fact, this program is so easy to use that you can start making quality HD video filled with nice special effects and ambient background music in merely 15 minutes!

Last versions updates:

Program’s interface complete restyling – switching to a modern flat design with a choice of app´s skins and taking more steps to user friendliness

Hardware acceleration – allowing for exporting even large size HD videos in a few minutes instead of hours

Adjustable parameters settings for pro editing – creating curved motion paths for video objects or animation, taking advantage of advanced multi-color Chroma Key

Enhanced resolution – processing image and video transformation with subpixel resolution to get more precise results

Enhanced text editing - support for all common letter types and fonts, various character encoding;

more flexible text introduction – users can enter a text right on the editor’s stage in an automatically adjustable block; ability to set properties for each character separately.

H265/HEVC hardware acceleration

App localization into Spanish


  • Editing in a non-linear way.
  • DVD burning tool.
  • Catalogue of visual effects.


  • Just a few tools shy of big-name equivalents.

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VSDC Free Video Editor


VSDC Free Video Editor 6.4.2 for Windows

User reviews about VSDC Free Video Editor

  • Lara Mickaella Elca

    by Lara Mickaella Elca

    at first, it may be complicated to use but when you learn how to use it you will not regret, the results are very satisfying and the beMore

  • iqbalkabir sm

    by iqbalkabir sm

    This is so good. I use it for 3 years. Thanks VSDC and who use it. its so easy to use and video editing .

  • Viviana Elisa Gonzalez Macias

    by Viviana Elisa Gonzalez Macias

    Best video editor I've used. I have a Youtube account where I upload animations and this program has helped me to do that very easy. AlMore

  • by Luis Salinas

    Best video editor I've used. I have a Youtube account where I upload animations and this program has helped me to do that very easy. AlMore

  • Leo Pope

    by Leo Pope

    vsdc is so powerful and have so many tutorial on YouTube. so many effects to use and color grading tool.it is very cheap and powerful, More

  • Tania's Kitchenism

    by Tania's Kitchenism

    easy to use and its superb..................................

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